In the context of the services it provides, the SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. - DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS Directorate of SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. - CONSULTING ENGINEERS has developed a set of financial services that concern the inclusion of investment plans in subsidy programmes (NSRF, Developmental Law, Rural Development Programmes, etc.), the successful management of approved investment proposals and their support until the completion of the investment and the repayment of the subsidy, the authoring of business plans, the provision of consultancy services for the restructuring of bank loans, as well as the securing of capital through investment schemes. With a portfolio of over 300 approved investment plans and a team of experienced economists, our company guarantees the successful management of your investment plans, providing integrated and reliable services.
SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. - CONSULTING ENGINEERS provides all the services required for the flawless, timely and artful implementation of projects, as it is staffed by engineers of every specialisation with long experience in the construction of complex projects.
‘SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. - CONSULTING ENGINEERS’ offers integrated technical and consulting services to all agencies of the broader public sector, and has served as technical advisor to Ministries, Regions, Local Government, Chambers and other institutional bodies. Our company's comparative advantage is its years of experience and specialisation in the provision of technical consultancy services to numerous projects of every scale and complexity level. We have vast experience and boast unparalleled effectiveness in the Planning, Maturation, Management and Implementation of complex Infrastructure, Energy and Environmental Protection projects through the optimal utilisation of national and European resources.
These services are aimed at:
  • Real Estate Owners
  • Real Estate Investment Companies
  • Greek State Bodies & Companies (TAIPED, ETAD, Local Government agencies, etc.)
  • Investors (Legal Entities under Private Law)
‘SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. - CONSULTING ENGINEERS’ has extensive know-how and remains continuously up to date as regards the institutional framework governing the licensing, specifications and operation of activities in the fields of Education, Health and Sports, and is the ideal business consultant to provide optimal solutions.
‘SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. - CONSULTING ENGINEERS’ has vast experience and extensive know-how in the field of energy, Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and energy markets. The company has developed, designed, supervised and secured licensing for over 300 RES projects throughout Greece for all forms of energy (PV, wind power, hydroelectric, biomass, biogas, hybrid) and collaborates with the top energy companies (alternative power suppliers) in both the power and the natural gas markets.
‘SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. - CONSULTING ENGINEERS’ has vast experience in the environmental licensing of private and public projects of all categories and is also active in the licensing of purely environmental projects that concern waste treatment and the development of environmental infrastructure.
Having acquired vast experience in the licensing of establishments providing food and beverages, ‘SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. - CONSULTING ENGINEERS’ is closely following developments concerning both the institutional framework of licensing and occupation health provisions and offers cutting-edge know-how in the planning and licensing of establishments providing food and beverages.
Having closely followed all developments and the adoption of Law 4302/2014, i.e. the institutional framework governing logistics activities, ‘SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. - CONSULTING ENGINEERS’ has the necessary knowledge and staff (engineers of all specialisations) to serve as the best consultant for the licensing of Storage and Distribution (Logistics) Centres.
Over the course of its 25-year history, SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. - CONSULTING ENGINEERS has secured licensing for over 2,500 liquid and gaseous fuel stations, 900 repair shops and dealerships for the repair and maintenance of cars of all specialisations, 700 parking facilities, private vehicle inspection (IKTEO) facilities, car wash - engine lubrication facilities and freight stations. The company has also been involved in over 3,500 cases of traffic connections of facilities.
SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. - CONSULTING ENGINEERS has vast experience and extensive know-how in the design & licensing of the facilities of enterprises active in the Wholesale & Retail sectors. The company has designed, supervised and licensed over 1,000 projects throughout Greece (malls, supermarkets, logistics warehouses) and collaborates with the largest enterprises active in both the wholesale and the retail sector.
SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. - CONSULTING ENGINEERS has considerable, long experience in the licensing, design, supervision and technical evaluation of tourism facilities, such as Hotels, Complex Tourism Lodgings and Special Tourism Infrastructure Facilities (Conference Centres, Tourism Ports, Health Tourism Facilities). The company collaborates with the largest hotel groups in the country, providing integrated, high-quality services at every developmental stage of a new project or during the operation of existing tourism facilities and infrastructure.
SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. - CONSULTING ENGINEERS has vast experience in the licensing of industrial - processing activities, having successfully licensed over 1,500 processing activities over the course of its 25-year history, providing integrated, high-quality services.